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Packing Tips

Securing all items
  1. For the most strength, please tape the bottom of your boxes with three strips acrross the entire bottom of the box. One down the middle holding the flaps closed, and one on each side of the center tape. Repeat up to three times.
  2. Make sure that boxes are properly packed and do not exceed the recommended weight of 70lbs per box.
  3. When assembling your box(es), be sure the box is tapped sufficently on the bottom, so your items do not break through the the box during pick up or delivery.
  4. Use towels, clothing, bubble wrap, or newspaper to fill box space as well as for picture frames or glasses that may be easily broken. Wrap items properly with these materials so that they can absorb shock during the transportation of boxes. If there are any items you think may be at risk be precautious and wrap them up. If you have questions on how to pack something, please call.
  5. If you are storing televisions, stereos or computers the original boxes are recommended, however you may also use CC boxes (if the device fits) or other boxes if necessary. Also remember to write "FRAGILE" on the box so CC employees are extra careful with your expensive electronics.
  6. Remove all CDs out of your player before moving.
  7. Close all trays to your computer and/or stereo and keep all cords tied so they do not get tangled.
  8. Make sure all boxes are taped securely.
  9. Trunks must be locked or taped shut to ensure the top remains sealed to prevent damaged items or injury to our employees.
  10. Futons should be secured and collapsed if possible.
  11. Refrigerators must be unplugged and defrosted three days prior to pick up. This procedure will protect your property and those around yours. Also, make sure everything in fridge is removed, that the door is taped shut and that all cords are wrapped around the handle or attached to the back of the fridge.
  12. Rugs/lofts should be bound or tapped securely so that they do not come undone.
  13. Bookshelves should have all of their shelves removed and taped together with any bolts, nuts, or screws. (these can then be placed in one of your boxes).
  14. ALL boxes/items must have Campus Cardboard labels properly affixed to them with your full name, CC#, and the total number of boxes/items stored by Campus Cardboard. Be sure to have a label on all pieces of an item that is broken down or consists of multiple pieces (futon, bed, butterfly chair, etc.)

Weight Distribution
  1. In order to keep boxes from being over worked or broken, distribute heavy items into different boxes..Do not put all in one, such as your books.
  2. If storing books or any heavy items, wrap if necessary, place them in the bottom of the box, and surround them by cloths or soft items.
  3. All heavy items should be placed on the bottom of the box followed by medium and lightweight objects.
  4. Use the smaller boxes for heavier items and use the bigger boxes for cloths, linens, and similar light objects.
  5. Make sure all boxes are packed so that little space is left between objects. Use blankets, clothes, bubble wrap, etc. to fill in the boxes as best as possible. This will keep items from shifting.
  6. Just remember smart packing will save everyone time and energy.

Items you might want to pack LAST
  1. Bedding/linens and towels
  2. Tylenol/aspirin
  3. Toiletries
  4. Alarm clock
  5. Phone (very important)

There are certain items that we recommend you do not pack since they are not covered under insurance. The following items should go with you when you leave campus for the summer:
  1. cash
  2. jewelry
  3. valuable
  4. collectibles
  5. mirrors
  6. other fragile items (i.e., vases)

For additional packing tips or general packing assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Care department.

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