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The Dean's List Terms and Conditions and Policies

Third Parties

Campus Cardboard's "Dean's List" might contain links or access to other websites, companies, programs, software, or many different areas of the World Wide Web. As a member, you understand that CC has no ties or relationships in any way to any of the above listed and many more.

By connecting with any other site or following through with any other transaction, is completely at your own risk. It is strictly between you and that individual, company, group or other third party, and in no way will you hold CC or its employees or any party associated with CC, liable or responsible for any action/transaction, good or bad, for damage or loss of any kind.


As a member of The Dean's List, you agree not to make available, post or email anything that is against the local, state, or federal law, pornographic in any way, degrading, hateful, harasses any sex, age, ethnicity, or race. That personally represents or identifies anyone with out any permission or that is unlawful, abusive or harmful, or harmful to minors. Anything that is misleading or false in any way or that represents or links you to any service or item for sale that is illegal, prohibited, or not allowed in any fashion by the law. That will disrupt any CC operation or any one employee or any member by Spam, viruses or programs, or false material, or any other function that may destroy, upset, or cause to fail in any way the operation of, or to post massive amounts of content to overload the system or cause the system to be down for any amount of time in any way. To harass, bother, or contact a person who states they do not want to be contacted by any one member, employee, or person associated with CC in any way, or collect data for illegal reasons or in any way or manor to try to gain access to CC's system to try and disrupt any activity or impairs the functions of or any way that it is other wise there for you to use.


You understand that emailing advertisements through CC's Dean's List is prohibited and is against all policies of CC and you agree not to participate or commit such acts as a member.

Posting Agreement

You agree and understand that as a registered member of The Dean's List, you are the only person allowed to post anything and that no one else is allowed to post anything on your behalf, and you are responsible and held 100% liable for all your postings and release CC of any and all liabilities that may result from a posting that you have listed.

Content/Termination of Use

You understand that anything available on the Dean's List, is made available by the person who created the posting, is in our system for one year, and CC has no control or responsibility of any postings and may come across such content whether it is a photo, image, file, or message that is misleading, out of line, against our policy, terms and conditions, or that you may not agree with. Please let us know. However, while monitoring the posting, you understand that any posting that is found offensive or against anything stated or prohibited or reported offensive or against policy, may/will be terminated immediately and you will be notified of such actions. You also understand that The Dean's List has the right to refuse or reject any postings at any time and that The Dean's List has the right to deactivate your account, block any email, or terminate use of service immediately with or without notice as a result, or for any other reason, or if CC feels you have acted against our policy at any level and will not be held liable for such or any actions to you or any third party.


Campus Cardboard allows access to The Dean's List if you are a registered student at a college or university in the United Stated of America only and requires proof with your school given email address (.edu) at time of registration. There are parts you may view if you are not a student or have not yet registered as a member of The Dean's List. Any part of the site that is viewed by a member/non-member must be done so in a proper fashion according to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of CC. If at any time we feel you are in violation of our terms, conditions, or policies, your access to any part or the whole site may be revoked.

Violations of Terms, Conditions, and Policies

As a member of CC's The Dean's List we ask that you respect and follow all conditions, terms, and policies. And if ever in doubt or have any questions, we ask that you call or email us to learn more or to clarify anything at all. We also ask that you report to CC any violations you may come across by clicking on the "Report" button or call/email us immediately.


At no time or under any circumstances will CC be held liable in any manor, due to your use of the site or services. The customer waives any claims for damage against CC or its employees resulting from using any part or the whole site of entire site and expressly releases and holds CC and its employees and associated parties harmless from any and all costs of processing any claim or defending any claim from this entire agreement.

Applicable Law

This agreement shall be governed, interpreted, and construed according to the law of the state of Illinois. The member, visitor, or customer agrees that any court action pertaining to this agreement shall be conducted in the courts in the state of Illinois.

Entire Agreement

The member acknowledges there are no representations, warranties, or agreements by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative of CC or any of CC's parties is authorized to make any representations, warranties, or agreements other than expressly set forth herein. This agreement may only be amended by writing signed parties.

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