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The Dean's List
The Dean’s List

Get on it. Campus Cardboard has created the Dean’s List, a place where college folks can buy and sell their priceless goods to help make college life that much easier. And a place for parents, friends, family or anyone else to get in on the action. Say goodbye to the bulletin boards around campus loaded with flyers giving you headaches trying to find that one item you really need or need to sell. And say hello to the Dean’s List, an online posting board for almost any college or university in the United States.

Whether you are in college, going to college, out of college, or somewhere in between, we want you on the Dean’s List. Start today and utilize the site to view many different listings at almost any school in the country. You don’t even have to register (which only takes a minute), unless you want to post. Once you register you can start to post all that “stuff” you want to get rid of. So get going and start your wheelin’ and dealin’.

It’s so easy, even your roommate could figure it out. And remember; only smart people are on the Dean’s List.

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