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The Dean's List FAQ's

I am not a student, am I allowed to post an ad? If so, how does it work?

Absolutely you may post an ad. Go to the “sign up now” page and register with the Dean’s List. Since you can only post at one school, we recommend you select a school closest to where you live. If you are a parent, you might consider selecting the school your child attends. That’s it. See ya on the list

Can I post anonymously and how does it work?

Yes you may. After you register as a member of The Dean's List and you want to post something, you will be asked for your email. Then you will be given the option to hide your email for that posting which will not show your email address at any time.

How do I post?

You select "post", and then select the category you wish the item to be listed under. You will then be asked for your email, what you are selling, how much you are selling it for, and whether or not the item is being sold from "on or off campus", then you will hit confirm/post.

What if I want to edit my posting?

You will log into your account where you will be given all the options you will need. You will then be able to edit, remove, or repost.

How long does my posting last?

Your posting will automatically last one week or seven days. Two days prior to expiration, you will be sent an email to remind you that your posting will be expiring so you can decide what you want to do with the posting. All postings are deleted after the seven days.

Can I delete my posting?

Yes you can. You do this from your account and if you already have a posting you will be sent a reminder two days prior to expiration.

How often can I post and am I allowed to post in more than one schools market?

You may post one time under each category accordingly and will only be allowed to post on your schools Dean's List and therefore are only allowed to post in one schools market.

Can I submit pictures along with my postings?

Yes, up to 3 pictures per posting.

How much does it cost to post?

There is no charge to post on Campus Cardboard's Dean's List.

I submitted my posting but do not see it online?

Please send an email to

What am I not allowed to post?

Please review the "actions/conduct" portion under the terms and conditions.

Am I allowed to sell tickets for over face value?

We ask that you do not sell tickets over face value for it is against the law. We are aware this does occur and will monitor it as best as possible. Also, we are not aware of what all tickets face value is for all events therefore it is hard to monitor this to the fullest. We ask that if you do see this activity taking place, you report the posting for its review/removal.

Am I allowed to have a link on The Dean's List to an auction site like ebay, to sell/buy tickets?

No, this is prohibited and monitored closely. We discourage this behavior and ask that if you see this activity, you "report" it for its removal.

I came across a posting that I did not like or agree with, what can I do about it?

We ask and encourage that you do not respond to that posting or respond by posting a live response letting everyone know you disagree. Please contact CC through email or report it for removal or review.

What should I do if I am harassed through a posting?

Contact Campus Cardboard immediately and do not wait. Report it right away. We take this matter very serious and will not tolerate it at all. We will then help give you all options available to you to help you resolve the issue.
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